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A juvenile is defined as an individual too young to be held legally responsible for criminal acts. Juvenile crime accounts for almost a quarter of all violent crimes nationwide

The legal processes and defense strategies for a juvenile crime are very different than those involved in adult cases, therefore nothing is more important than finding the right lawyer to help with your child's legal needs.

The juvenile court system is very different than adult court. Juvenile courts aim to deal with “delinquency,” the term used to describe the criminal acts of minors. Because juvenile court has its own rules and procedures, it is very important that a qualified juvenile crime attorney’s services are obtained.

A juvenile accused of a crime in in Tennessee may obtain the services of an attorney at any time during their trial. An attorney can protect your child’s records that are kept by law enforcement agencies into the future. Although jail time and other severe criminal penalties are usually not applied to juvenile crimes, it is always wise to hire an attorney to protect the interests of your child.

Juvenile Cases Can Be Complex and May Involve:

  • Status Offenses - offenses that are only considered illegal because of the violator’s age, such as curfew violations or under age drinking.

  • Drugs, violent crime, or DUI.

Depending on the severity of the case and the age of the child, the defendant may be tried as an adult.

Don’t put the future of a young person’s life in the hands of an inexperienced attorney.

Consequences of Juvenile Offenses

Juveniles can face any of the following penalties for their crimes:

  • Imprisonment

  • Fines

  • State’s Custody

  • Probation

  • Community Service

Abuse & Neglect

Ms. Salinas also represents parents in cases when their children are victims of abuse and neglect and has often served as a guardian ad litem for minors to protect them and ensure that their best interest are met.  America’s court system is the best in the world, but it can be intimidating and frightening for thousands of innocent children caught in the midst of legal battles over their future.  Ms. Salinas, as a guardian ad litem, will represent the child and will work diligently for the child and what is in his or her best interest.

Attorneys representing children in court proceedings face different, and often more difficult, challenges than attorneys representing adults. Ms. Salinas' goal is to assist as a child's advocates and provide legal resources, advice and support.










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